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Wonderful Adventures, Part 4 of 4 / Замечательные приключения, Часть 4 из 4

Aaaaaand for the last wonderful adventure…my birthday! (February 5, for the record.)

On the night of the 4th, we went to Club Kleo, an expensive but nice karaoke place. I had a few friends with me: Katya, Max, Lera, Elya, and Anya. It was fantastic. The staff at the club, who know me, presented me with a bottle of champagne, which was very nice of them. At the end of the night (it was late) we went back to Katya’s place to crash for the night.

The next day we continued to hang out at Katya’s place until the evening, when we went to our usual Sunday night singing club at the English School Cafe. There it was fantastic. We sang a bunch of our usual songs along with Happy Birthday (heehee!) Katya and I also sang “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical Wicked.

At around this time we had a series of couch surfers from different countries staying with us: people from France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, South Korea, Austria, and so many more. It was amazing to meet so many people from all over the world. If you don’t know about, you should check it out. It’s a great way to meet people!

That’s it for now. I hope all is well with you.

Take care, moyi druz’ya!




Wonderful Adventures, Part 3 of 4 / Замечательные приключения, Часть 3 из 4


Here I will write a bit about my non-Siberian adventure to London.

What an AMAZING city!

When I arrived at the airport, I met with my friend Kerry. We had been talking on the internet for years but we had never met in person. She lives quite a distance outside of London, but when I told her that I was coming to visit, she agreed to come to London so we could meet. She is such a charming girl, I really enjoyed her company. We spent the day exploring Westminster, where I was staying. I didn’t realize that Westminster is actually a separate city from London proper, but it is part of the London metropolitan area.

The weather was gloomy and grey, but the fact that there was no snow was startling to me. When I left, the temperature in Krasnoyarsk was -40! (Fahrenheit, Celsius, doesn’t matter at that point, that’s where the two measures converge!)

Kerry left that night and I explored the city a little on my own. The tube system (the metro) is not hard to figure out, the maps are really clear.

I was staying at a nice little hostel called Equity Point. If you need a relatively inexpensive place in London to stay, I do recommend it. (Just $19 a night…cheap for London!)

The next day, a fellow Russian Fulbrighter, Juliana, came to join me. She and I went on one of the double-decker bus tours, which was so cool! We absolutely loved it. And the tour guide was hilarious.

We ended up doing some shopping, going to the British Museum (all you language nerds out there rejoice…that’s where the original Rosetta Stone is!), seeing a dance recital, going to Chinatown…it was absolutely incredible. There were places we didn’t get the chance to see, unfortunately, such as the Buckingham Palace.

We definitely got fish ‘n chips, though, with a nice side of warm cider to go with it. Delicious!

I loved London. I loved the people, the atmosphere, and being in Europe for the first time. (Unless you count my trip to the Paris airport…) I really want to go back sometime.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Take care, moyi druz’ya!