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Wonderful Adventures, Part 2 of 4 / Замечательные приключения, Часть 2 из 4

PLEASE FORGIVE ME ONCE MORE. Bronchitis hit me full force shortly after I wrote the last entry and I haven’t been well enough to really write anything substantial. But now I’m going to try to catch up.

After I arrived back from Moscow, I had a day to hang out in Krasnoyarsk before going to London. I spent the day with Katya and a couch surfer from Krasnodar, Lera.

We had a really incredible day.

Katya and I wanted to show Lera around the city, so we first took her to the chapel on the hill where you can see the entire city. I’d never been there myself, so I was excited. It was an incredible view! Absolutely breathtaking. See below…

Yeah, that’s my city right there. My Russian home.

Then Katya took Lera around the city center for awhile. I stayed at the apartment, because I had to take care of a few things. But later I met up with them at Yurta, my favorite tea house. We had a really fantastic time, just talking and relaxing. This was followed up by a trip to see the ice sculptures in the city center. I’d heard about them, but I hadn’t really seen them.

They were (and still are at this moment) spectacular:

Later that evening, Lera taught me something amazing…how to make blini, Russian pancakes. They take a while, but they’re really easy to make and so delicious. And you can feed a few people with them. You can fill them with whatever you want: jam, smetana [sour cream], Nutella, ikra [caviar], condensed milk…it’s all so delicious. We had a few people over that night to join in the consumption of these delicious pancakes.

This was a really simple but wonderful day. I enjoyed it to the fullest.

For the record, Lera ended up going to Irkutsk after I left for London, but then after my return she came back to stay with us for a month. She’s a dear person and I was glad to have her around.

I will try to keep up more regularly with posts, but I was really very sick over the past couple of weeks. I’m okay now, but I was in the hospital at one point after I felt so sick I fainted (an experience I’d rather not repeat…let’s just say it takes 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive here). I never knew that bronchitis could get so severe.

I must go for now. Take care, moyi druz’ya.